Thumbnail Maker (Mac)


The Thumbnail Maker tool is designed to create thumbnails for your images. It will maintain the original file name and put the files into a subfolder. If there are any further inquiries, please contact me.


  • I cannot run the program 'Thumbnail Maker'.
    • This software is compatible only on Mac systems with OS versions: 10.5 and up.
  • How do I run 'Thumbnail Maker' ?
    • Simply double-click on the icon, and Automator will open with the workflow loaded. Once Automator has loaded, click on the "Run" button in the top-right corner to start the workflow.
  • Where are my Thumbnails?
    • The thumbnails are located in a sub-folder of your original files under "Thumb"
    • I need to make a lot of thumbnails. how do I loop the workflow?
      • Change the loop counter (it is the last instruction in the workflow)
    • The thumbnails are too big/too small.
      • Change the scale image instruction to suit your needs


Thumbnail Maker (Automator Workflow for MAC)

Written By: James Holmes

Thumbnail Maker Instructions

This workflow will create thumbnail sized images from a folder of originals. Thumbnails will be moved to a sub-folder called "Thumb". File names will stay the same.

To Use: Click "OK" then proceed to select a folder of your original sized images. The workflow will take care of the rest.

Run workflow on folder containing image files only!

If desired to repeat: Change the repeat instruction at the bottom of the workflow.

Designed by: James Holmes --


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